" Risky Love"


Thirty seven year old Robert Thompson sat at the end of his bed sobbing. His hands covering his face completely as he tried to compose himself for the gut wrenching task that waited before him. You see Robert's loving wife Denise had passed away a month before because of a short bout with cancer. And he alone now on this lonely Fall Saturday afternoon would begin to clean out her closet. It had taken almost a month just for Robert to get rid of his beloved wife's make-up kit that sat so neatly near their bathroom sink. So, this daunting task of cleaning out her belongings would summon every bit of energy and strength that this middle aged man could muster. sad manAs he opened the doors of where Denise kept her wardrobe, Robert began to go through each item it seemed one by one. Every hanger seemed to possess a memory of an event the two had shared together over the past 15 years. Yes, there was the green dress she wore on their first date that captivated his heart and eyes beyond anyone's imagination. And the brown sweater that reminded him of the romantic time they spent in mountains skiing, nearly ten years ago. Also, two maternity dresses that Denise dawned so proudly when she carried their two children. Bobbie Jr. now  age ten and sister Annette, age eight. It was almost to much to bare ,so Robert hit his knees as he held these two pieces of garment to his face caressing them tightly as if he would never let go. After a few minutes had gone by he laid there motionless on the floor as tears surrounded his face. As he began to get up he noticed a package neatly gift wrapped in the corner of the closet. As Robert pulled it to himself, he noticed a card attached  that had his name written on it. Robert, getting to his feet sat at the end of bed again and slowly opened the card. "To the one I Love," It read on the cover. The inside dated two years before which puzzled him stated." I cannot wait to wear this for you honey. When I bought it, I couldn't wait for you to see me in it. I hope we make a beautiful memory. I Love you Robert. Love your wife, Denise." Robert opened the package where to his wearied eyes was revealed  the most beautiful night gown he had ever seen. He held it to his heart as if Denise was inside of it. That was all that was left to him now. This and a life time of memories and two beautiful children were all that left to him to hang on to. You know my friends the longer I live the saddest words I have ever heard in my 45 years of life have been . "What If?. " What if? I would of said I was sorry and reconciled with my son. What if? I would of been kinder to my husband. What if? I would took the chance and opened my own business. What If, What If, What If?.  You get my point here, right? How many of us if we are truthful live with regrets and guilt of mistakes of what we did or haven't done in our past. You know the other day I was cleaning out my closet. I found a pair expensive brown wing tip shoes that I bought nearly eight years ago. If my memory serves me correct I only wore them twice. Probably, because I was afraid to scratch them or get them dirty. So what did I do.? I saved them, not enjoying them as I kept them safe for another day and time. The funny thing about them my friends is that when I tried them again today they did not fit right at all. ( read the rest of this Chapter in the Book )