The Most Powerful Person in the World


Eight year old Tommie Thompson was sitting at dinner with his mom and dad. In the background on the television, ESPN was showing their weekly series "the strongest man in the world". Tommie after looking up at the T.V. asked his dad this question." Dad who do you think the strongest and most powerful person in the world is? Is it one of these big guys on television here? " the eight year old asked. " I don't know who the most powerful person in the world is, son. I never really thought about it. It could be the President of The United States, or maybe Bill Gates of Microsoft. To tell you the truth Tommie, I just don't know. I guess it is a matter of opinion, son." Tommie's dad said, as he patted his eight years old son's head. Tommie smiled; the answer from his Father would be sufficient for now to satisfy his young curiosity. Just as he was about to put the next bite of supper to his hungry mouth his mother replied." I know who the most powerful person in the world is, Tommie,  and I actually know them in person. Would you like to meet them tomorrow,? she asked. Tommie's eyes perked up as he shouted out enthusiastically. "Sure mom, you can do this for me? This is unbelievable. My mom knows the most powerful person in the whole human race. Wow, and tomorrow we are going to meet them." This is great mom. Can I bring some of my friends? I am sure they will want to go too, he added.  "Sure Tommie, tell them that we will leave here at 10am tomorrow so all of you need to be ready by then, Ok?  Tommie finished his dinner and hurriedly ran to his parent's phone to invite three of his friends to go with him and his mom in the morning. The next day came around ( not soon enough for Tommie and his friends may I add) as Tommie, his mother and the three friends headed over to meet the most powerful person in the world. As they were driving there the eight old asked ,"are we almost there yet mom?  She replied that that they were at the persons house. Tommie and his friends were shocked. The strongest and most powerful person in the world mom lives right here in our own home town.? She replied yes Tommie let us go inside and meet them, ok?.... The rest of the Chapter is available in the Book