Donating Blood


Janice Johnson a 33 year old secretary in Hoboken, New Jersey sat up from her table and began to drink her cup of orange juice as she nibbled on her chocolate chip cookie that was given to her by the volunteers at the local blood bank. Miss Johnson had just given her first pint of blood and was feeling a little queasy as the nurse removed the needle from her arm. The nurse asked "How you doing Miss Johnson, feeling a little dizzy child? Don't you worry it is only natural to feel that way after the first time you have donated blood. This is a really nice thing you have done here. Who knows whose life you are going to save one day. Thanks so much maim. Please come back again. You can sit there on the table until you are ready to go home. If you need anything I will be here to help and comfort you." Janice smiled and was surprised at the hospitality that was given to her. Sure she was donating blood but wasn't a kidney or anything, she thought to herself. But to have someone thank her for such a menial act, kind of took her by surprise. nurse - donating bloodThat night as she got home from a long day Janice sat on her favorite chair in her living room. She turned on the television for one of her favorite programs. As she was scanning the channels she came across a young preacher who was talking about the saving power of the blood of Jesus. Since she had given a little of her own that day she deemed it ironic of what the man was preaching and decided to watch a little bit more and view a bit longer than normal for her. As the preacher preached on he said something that would change her life forever. It went something like this. "You will get many gifts in life. You will get birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and wedding gifts. But the greatest gift you will ever get is the precious blood of Jesus. That day at the cross at Calvary Jesus gave his life so that you could be saved and have a way to the Father in Heaven. And he donated his blood so that you would have a way to be forgiven for and washed clean of your sins. Without his great sacrifice you and I would die in our sin and never be able to go to heaven. But here is the catch my friend, many of you will reject this gift and turn away and think it is by your own good deeds that you will see the kingdom of God. Do not be deceived my friends it is only by receiving this precious gift that you can be forgiven for your sins in God's eyes." Janice, her eyes and ears focused on the television and the preachers words sat there in awe of what the young man had been saying. She shut the TV off and headed into her bedroom and went to sleep. His words seemingly embedded in her mind but now also her heart. That morning she got up and headed into work as she had done so many times before. As she entered the number 421 bus she sat down at her usual place. Her cell phone than rang. It was the nurse at the blood bank asking her if she could come in to discuss something very important and if she could come immediately.

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