The Eyes of a Soldier


I wonder what truly goes through the mind of a soldier. From the day he chooses to enlist to the first time a bullet flies inches from his head does he really know what lies in store the day he signs those papers to defend our country. Another tour, another battle, another sacrifice that only he and his fellow comrades can truly understand and comprehend. Some people see things in life that are unbearable. They have the fortune or misfortune to live through these times and to carry on and do the best that they can. But I believe none sees more than a soldier who has served in combat. Yes, it is he and only he, that knows the true horror of the casualties of war. From the moment his feet land from the chopper on enemy lands not knowing if his next steps will be his last life takes on a new meaning and purpose. Sometimes I look at my three sons and I pray for peace and that war would come to an end. I cannot imagine the horror the mothers and fathers of these people who serve feel everyday while their child is away fighting in some far away land. They must think to themselves of when their babies were small and use soldiers eyesto stay cradled in their arms. It was so much easier then. They could protect them and keep them safe from this unkind world. But now as their child dodges machine gun fire and mine fields all they can do is wait. Wait until they return home, hopefully in one piece to a parade and hosts of yellow ribbons that bring a day of celebration but more importantly relief. Yes as I sit here tonight writing this for you my heart, if I allow myself to be honest, hurts most for the ones who are left behind to wait. War is necessary the Bible says. The 1960's rock group the Byrds wrote a number one song that was taken from the Word of God, in Ecclesiastes 3. It went something like this . "There is a season turn, turn, turn. A time for war, a time of peace, a time to reap, a time to sow ,a time to love ,a time to hate, a time to live-a time to die... "you know that one right? It stayed at the top of the charts for a really long time in that decade. According to God there is a purpose and there is a meaning for war. If there wasn't the Lord wouldn't have written that there was a time for it in his Holy word. But still when I think about all the men and woman who have died on the battlefields through the history of this earth my heart hurts a little. Knowing and realizing that someone back home received a letter or a visit from a military truck in the 1950's with two grim faced officers stepping out from their government vehicle being the bearers of the most terrible news. That has to be a horrible experience for any parent to see that vehicle coming up your driveway. You hope that your child would be returning early and I'm sure some of those visits of the happy reunion type occurred. But some of the time, no most of the time, it was the beginning of a day that would linger on in the memories forever in those who were left behind. I saw a movie today for the first time in a long while. It was called "Saving Private Ryan." You know the one that starred Tom Hanks....(read the rest inside the Book)