Adopted for a Purpose 


Seven year old boy Vladimir Chesnikoff sat staring outside his orphanage window looking out at the run down play ground he had played on so many times. He thought to himself of how many times he and his buddies laughed together as they ran around for a little while on so many occasions with out a care in the world. These were the memories that he would take with him as he was about to leave his temporary home for the past six years. His newly found parents from the United States were going to be flying in today to take him back to America with them and begin to his new life. Sure Vladimir was excitefather son teaching momentd, but he was also a little scared as well. Sure, his new mom seemed kind, and he could see that she was a little scared too, but he could see the love in her soft brown eyes and knew that she would love him and make him feel very safe and secure. He could also see that his new father was a good man. A gentle man who would be kind to him. Teach him about God and the love of Jesus. And even though he couldn't speak a word of English yet there was a peace that passed all understanding that everything was going to be ok. So he packed up all that he owned in a little green bag . His special red tooth brush, his best stuffed friend "Teddy" and a couple of rocks that he had gathered through the years while playing outside in the orphanage playground. They would serve as a reminder he thought to himself, to never forget where he had come from. It was an hour before he was about to leave. So Vladimir decided to say goodbye to the friends he had made over the past six years. No matter how good it felt to be leaving, there was still a hollow feeling in his heart for those who were not chosen yet. He loved his friends. All they really had was a each other. To tell you the truth, there is a common bond to those who were left behind and rejected. Only the one's who know of that feeling can truly experience the thrill of what being accepted brings. To truly be wanted and to feel unconditionally loved, just because you are valuable as a person, is a feeling t hat no one can put a price tag on. Vladimir knew that. He was special because he understood how it felt to be left behind six years before. It was a horrible feeling that only those who endure can truly understand. There are days he is still angry. There were days that he was just happy to have a pair of socks (even if they had a couple of holes in them). There were days that he prayed and hoped to God that someone would want him again. That he could feel that special feeling of being loved and of being part of a family. After saying goodbye to most of his friends the seven year old wiped away his happy kind of sad tears and said in Russian to the Director of the Adoption Center. "Please take me to the second floor, I need to say goodbye to one more person." ( Read the rest in the Book )